You have worked hard to acquire your personal property, real property, and current finances. Upon your death, if your loved ones are left with no guidance as to your wishes to distribute your hard-earned earnings and property, the probate process may become a very tolling and contested experience.  In order to best protect your wishes, you need an attorney with years of experience to ensure that your property and earnings are distributed in accordance with your desires. Our attorneys can best draft documents to make sure that your wishes are carried out upon your passing. Further, our attorneys know how to best draft your testamentary documents so that your loved ones may avoid incurring various costs associated with the probate process.

In turn, if a loved one has passed and you are left attempting to navigate through the probate process, our attorneys can also advocate to protect your interests throughout the often contested probate process. If you are in need of an estate planning, or probate attorney, please contract our office today.

Wills/Trusts And Estate Planning

Comprehensive Estate planning is vital to ensuring that your legacy is protected and that your family members are provided for after your death. An experienced attorney can make all of the difference when making these decisions. We offer free consultations to discuss your options and come up with a workable and comprehensive estate plan for you and your family. Complete estate planning includes, Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney (for financial and healthcare), healthcare directives, burial instructions and all related matters. Whether you are just starting out in life with young children, or if you are a high net worth individual, we can assist you in preparing an comprehensive estate plan.

Probate Administration

If a loved one has died, it is important to get prompt counsel from an experienced probate attorney. We are able to advise you on every step of the probate process, including initiating probate administration, obtaining the appointment of personal representatives and represent claimants of heirs in existing probate cases. Do not try to navigate this complicated process without experienced legal representation.

Our Attorneys That Handle Probate/Estate Planning Matters