The term “Real Property” encompasses the sale of land. This is often referred to as real estate. When it comes to the sale or purchase of your home, you don’t want to end up in a situation down the road where you could ultimately lose your homestead. The legal system recognizes the unique importance that an individual’s homestead maintains, and has numerous provisions specifically designed to protect and individual’s homestead. However, you need an attorney that recognizes and knows how to utilize these specific protections. We are very proud of the team of attorneys that we have compiled to handle these specific issues.

Real property disputes may arise from numerous situations, including but not limited to: contract disputes, seller’s failure to disclose, fraudulent selling tactics, title disputes, adverse possession, and probate. If you are in need of an attorney to help you with a real property issue, please contact our office today.  

Real property issues arise under a variety of situations. Some of which are best explained on other pages on our site. These situations include:

Business Transactions
Contract/Business Litigation
Consumer Fraud
Probate Law
Professional Negligence

Clouding Title

Often clients approach us regarding titles to property that is “clouded.” This legal term refers to an issue that prevents individuals from selling property that is “clouded.” This may occur from a variety of situations. A non-exhaustive list of situations where title to real property may be clouded include: mechanic’s liens, jump title, tax and judgment liens, contesting ownership. This issue is normally remedied through an action to quiet title of the property. If you are in a situation where the title to your property is “clouded” please contact our office today. 

Transfer Documents

Are you preparing to sell or gift your property? If so, you need to ensure that the correct document is drafted properly in order to successfully transfer your property. An inadequate or erroneous document may result in the transfer of property being deemed ineffective. To save yourself from this hassle in the future, contact one of our experienced attorneys to ensure that your property is transferred properly.  

Our Attorneys That Handle Real Property Matters